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Joan (joantabb.com) is a coach, trainer, author and speaker. She is founder and principal of Greatin8Coaching.com, with a track record of helping hundreds of people to advance and transition in their careers. Her latest book: Building Blocks for the NEW Retirement, focuses on a new, later stage of life she calls ReVitalment! Joan's mission is activating the best of people!

Let’s Improve the Hiring Process in 2018!

Dear Readers, There is a lot of bellyaching and complaining about the hiring process. I hear it from both job seekers and from employers. Both sides have problems with the 'other side'. Yet, both sides are fully justified in their complaints. The chief compliant from job seekers is that they [...]

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Local Writer’s Fascinating Stories of West Sonoma County

Dear Readers, I'm learning that Sonoma County has a bounty of unique and creative people with unusual career paths and a mix of great talents. One of those is Andrea Granahan, who has been living, writing and working in Sonoma's west county for decades. She just wrote a truly wild [...]

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Holiday parties in these sensitive times

Dear Readers, Last year I wrote about some Do's and Don'ts for your office holiday parties; including some light-hearted and humorous messages about not dressing 'sexy' or drinking too much, not getting stoned or high, or mistakenly thinking you were partying with your friends. But it was written a bit [...]

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Another career phase: Retirement

Dear Readers, Retirement is not a period. Retirement is a comma! Many people go into retirement planning for up until the day they retire. They put a lot of time reviewing the financial aspects of retiring, carefully considering where they will live, and they might make some travel plans. What's [...]

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Good boss, bad boss -Different leadership styles after the fire.

Dear Readers, The wide range of human behavior never ceases to amaze me! BAD BOSS Yesterday I was talking to a someone who works for a large Santa Rosa organization that was severely impacted by the fires. He was complaining about his manager, the new executive director.  The executive director [...]

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A Community in Stress Goes Back to Work After the Sonoma County Fires

    Dear Readers, Everywhere I turn, from family to friends, to colleagues and acquaintances, I hear the following complaints and concerns:    * exhaustion  * headaches  * distraction * irritability  * anxiety and fears  * memory problems *  disorientation        * sleeping issues  * eating issues * depression [...]

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After the Sonoma County Fires: How Can We Get Along at Work?

Dear Readers, Getting back to work after the devastating fire is not easy. It's most difficult for those who lost their homes and those that are still displaced. But all of us in the NorCal fire region are experiencing collective grief and weariness.  Given that stress, how do we strive [...]

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NorCal Fires: How Do We Get Back to Work?

Dear Readers, How the heck do we get back to work after the devastating fires that hit our community? Some of us had our houses burn to the ground. Most of us have friends, family and community members who have suffered great losses. Businesses, parks and lands have gone up [...]

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Learn how to get right to the point. It’s a 1-2-3 strategy.

Dear Readers, Do you ever find yourself rambling on when a question has been posed? Have you ever been in an interview, answering a question and as you're talking you realize you have no idea where you're going? If you've had this problem, you are not alone! Many clients in [...]

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4 easy ways to make a job promotion a reality

Many people seem to feel frustrated that their work is not appreciated enough, and they see others getting promotions before them.

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