Big changes at work. Now what?

News Flash: Your company has been bought, sold or merged, Will there be changes in the  leadership? How will the changes impact you? Will you still have a job? Will the work environment change? Will you have a new manager, new co-workers? What will it all mean? Change can be [...]

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Exercise your ‘confidence muscle’ for career success

Yes, confidence does make all the difference in the world, especially in the world of career development and management. And I don't mean false confidence and bravado. That is never attractive and never a winning stance, in any area of life. But I do mean the kind of confidence that [...]

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How to make the most of a new job

Dear Readers, Whether it's your first job fresh out of school, a new job mid-career, or the last position in your career, there are ripe opportunities for you when you are starting a new job. It's a new beginning and you don't  need not bring any negative baggage from your [...]

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The NEW Retirement – ReVitalment!

Dear Readers, Many of us living in the Sonoma County area are thinking about retirement or  we might already be in the midst of it. Our society has given us images of retirement that I believe are outdated for many of us. They are images of being out of the [...]

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How to begin a career change

Dear Joan, I've been working in banking for over 25 years. I started as a teller right out of high school and am proud to say I've had several promotions, and even moved to a new bank for a better position a few years back. At this point I am [...]

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Juggling job offers and not sure which one to take

  Dear Coach Joan, I had an incredibly frustrating six month job search. I followed my wife to Sonoma County for her job opportunity but have had trouble securing a job here myself. Sometimes I'd be asked back for five interviews only to lose out to another candidate. Then I'd [...]

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The job search is a numbers game – Keep going!

Dear Readers, I see a definite  pattern. Having coached hundreds of job searching clients for the last 10+ years I've observed a very distinct pattern. I'd  like to make you aware of  it because it could be preventing you from getting to your next great employment situation. When you make [...]

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Tips for your Career Wisdom Book

A Career Wisdom Book? Yes, there is such a thing. I know, because I invented it! Having worked closely with hundreds of people, getting the inside scoop, and deep insights into many career paths and stories, I am here to report that everyone has good things and bad things happen [...]

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Four ways to balance work and family better

  Dear Coach Joan, This should be one of the happiest times in my life but honestly, I am miserable. I started a new job when my wife was 6 months pregnant with our long-awaited first born. Two great things, or so it should have been. But it is now [...]

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4 ways to project more power at work

  Dear Coach Joan, I've been in my professional career in the same corporation for 10 years, since college graduation.  I have not been advancing as quickly as I believe my accomplishments and impact warrant. I am a petite woman and I feel that I am often not listened to or [...]

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