I’m being pushed out of my job. HELP!

Dear Coach Joan, I'm afraid I'm going to lose my job. It's not working out with my new manager. I didn't choose him and he didn't choose me. When my former manager left, the company decided to bring in someone from the outside, presumably to inject new ideas. But all he seems to [...]

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From Tortes to Torts: How Jenna Changed from Cake Caterer to Paralegal

Local Career Story #2: Jenna Cook From Tortes to Torts Cake Caterer to Paralegal   Jenna Cook has always been a problem solver. Growing up in Southern California, loving the surf and sand, she was captured by the importance of the environmental movement. She wanted to study to be an [...]

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Best 8 Interview and Job Seeking Tips

1. Breathe life into your interview:  Strategically delve into your past successes and develop stories and interesting anecdotes, with details, to make your capabilities come alive and become memorable. Practice delivering these stories and highlight the skills they demonstrate that relate to the position you are applying to. 2. Use props: Bring something [...]

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Local career story: Will Bucquoy – from auto industry to photographer

  Sonoma County through the lens of Silicon Valley Profile #1: Will Bucquoy, photographer “Photography is not a job.  I’m telling stories in a single image and I love it.” – Will Bucquoy. The photographer doesn’t realize it but I’m seeing him through a lens of my own -- a Silicon [...]

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From law office to the farm? A reader wonders if it’s possible.

  Hi Joan, I am 50-something and have always been interested in farm life. I am currently enrolled at Sierra College for a degree in sustainable agriculture. I have been a secretary since I graduated secretarial school in 1978 . I have been a legal secretary for the past 27 [...]

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Silicon Valley to Sonoma County- LOCAL career stories

  Yes, Joan, you're not in Silicon Valley anymore.  What if I showed you Sonoma County through Silicon Valley eyes? I realize in starting this third year as a Santa Rosan that I'm choosing to stay close to home to enjoy my “Sonoma County lifestyle.” I am crazy about the [...]

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2 Magic Words for Career Success

Yes, this is an awfully large image, isn't it? And it really gets your attention.  Good. That's my intention. Because the two magic words in career success have a lot to do with attention-getting. And I don't mean the kind of attention you get by wearing bright colors. I mean the [...]

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Frustrated, overqualified and unemployed in Sonoma County

Dear Joan, My husband and I moved to Sonoma County six months ago for a great job he got at a major corporation in Santa Rosa. We are both professionals from Europe and now have two lovely sons who have settled well into their charter schools in Santa Rosa. We just [...]

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Holiday Party: Is it OK to dress sexy?

Dear Joan, I am the newbie in the office, a recent college grad, and a trying to decide what to wear to the company holiday party. We tend to dress pretty conservatively in my office,  and do have casual dress Friday, but I'm wondering about the balance between looking festive for [...]

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Hillary Clinton – All Eyes on the Glass Ceiling

  Post-election all eyes are on the glass ceiling. Many were expecting to see Hillary Clinton head to the Oval Office. But you don't have to seek the most powerful job on the planet to shatter the glass ceiling. There's plenty of shattering to do in everyone's world, whether you're [...]

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