Learn how to get right to the point. It’s a 1-2-3 strategy.

Dear Readers, Do you ever find yourself rambling on when a question has been posed? Have you ever been in an interview, answering a question and as you're talking you realize you have no idea where you're going? If you've had this problem, you are not alone! Many clients in [...]

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4 easy ways to make a job promotion a reality

Many people seem to feel frustrated that their work is not appreciated enough, and they see others getting promotions before them.

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We Make Mistakes at Work. Then What?

Dear Readers, This is a sticky topic and one that most people prefer to stay away from: Errors at Work. We all make errors; they are part of normal human functioning. We are not error-free beings. But the magnitude of the mistake and how it is perceived and responded to by [...]

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3 Do’s and Don’ts for Work Emails

Dear Readers, Like you, I probably get over 50 emails a day. And after years and year of receiving and writing emails and hearing feedback from clients,  I see a pattern of what works and what doesn't work with emails. Here goes: Make it Short - If it is a [...]

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Career coach as fortune teller?

Dear Readers, today I  got a call from a reader asking if I could help her figure out her next career step. She is 55, facing job loss, and after decades in the financial sector, would like to start in a whole new kind of work. The funny part was [...]

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3 Inspiring Retirement Stories – How to Stay Involved and Still Work Less

In reflecting on her 30 year career, she realized her favorite thing was working with deaf students. Marie had completed the  specialized training in deaf interpreting, but in her administrative role she hired others to do it. Dear Readers, It used to be that when you turned 65 [...]

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The Surprising #1 Capability that College Grads Need to get a Job

Dear Readers, This is the time of year that recent college grads are scrambling to find a job. I often get asked what they can do to best prepare for the job market.   My recommendation is fairly unique. It is not the typical focus on problem solving skills, communication [...]

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How to live a creative life fueled by a practical career that brings home the bacon

Dear Readers, Lately I've been meeting some very creative, artistic people who have found a way to build a life with a sound financial foundation. Not easy. We all hear of the struggling artists, many of whom have day jobs that pay the bills, but are boring. But last week, [...]

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Client Retention – Not Always Easy

Dear Coach Joan, I'm coming to the end of a 30 year account management career and need to transfer my clients to my partner or I lose out on my income payout for the next several years. The problem is that several clients are showing resistance to my  partner even [...]

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How to get a new job: 3 intriguing and inspiring networking stories

Dear Readers, In my  years of being a career coach I have always advocated for networking and spreading one's net as far and wide as possible. And sometimes this advice has really been taken to heart, and clients have been remarkably creative in their networking efforts. I wanted to share [...]

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