How do I transition from temporary to permanent employment?

Dear Coach Joan, After a year of temping I have finally found a position I really like in an excellent company that is both close to home and in a growing industry. I have been there for three months so far, and I see that there are permanent employees at the [...]

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How to Explain a Messy Departure and Plan Your References

Dear Coach Joan, I left my last position voluntarily, but not happily, as I really did not respect or get along with the organization's new executive director. I had enjoyed my position at the non profit  for eight  years and built up many supportive relationships both in the agency and  with vendors, partners and [...]

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How to Re-Build Career Confidence

Dear Joan, I read your blog about how to avoid being laid off but the timing was a bit awkward as I had been laid off the week before your article came out. As you might imagine, I am pretty down as I didn't expect to lose my job and now. I find myself doubting my [...]

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Negotiating for a New Job And Getting What You Want

Dear Coach Joan, I'll be graduating from college next semester and have already begun on-campus interviewing. I was completely caught off guard when at the end of my first interview  I  was asked what it would take for the company to hire me! I didn't see that question coming and  I [...]

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Ways to build job security and avoid being laid off. PART II.

Kelly recently wrote in asking for strategies to help secure her job in anticipation of company layoffs. I discussed four smart ways to secure her  job (and yours) in my last blog post  here. In Part II, we are continuing to explore ways to keep your job and position you as a strong, value-add  employee. [...]

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Smart ways to build job security and avoid being laid off. PART I.

  Dear Coach Joan, I want to give you a six month update since I completed my career coaching work with you. As you know, I was delighted to get my new position! It turned out to be everything that I was looking for: a great manager, a challenging position, in the right [...]

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4 things you should do when you start a new job

Dear Coach Joan, Finally, after a seven month long job search I'll be starting my new position next week! I never thought it would take this long to find a new job, so I am especially concerned about starting off well, and making this position a very rewarding one. The [...]

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Fragrance in office, distracted manager – local readers ask for advice

Dear Readers, I am starting to get some of your work related questions. These first two seemed almost comical but when I checked back with the writers, it turns out they were serious, and real workplace issues. So, thank you, you're taking the time to continue our conversation, and I'm putting my [...]

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The art of being and finding a good manager

    In my last blog entry I asked you to submit some examples and questions about work relationships. And they're starting to come in. But at this point I'd like to share some of my own experiences, both as a coach hearing from my clients, and experiences based on my [...]

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Annoying Co-Workers. Bad Bosses. And more…

Dear Readers, In my years as a career coach, I thought I'd heard all conceivable stories about annoying co-workers, bad bosses and poorly performing employees. I thought I heard all variations of incompetence, ineffectiveness and inconsideration. I've heard about bosses insisting their employees do all the work and then taking the [...]

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