5 Ways to Plan for Possible Lay-Off

Dear Coach Joan, I am filled with apprehension and fear. I am 58 years old and have been at the same corporation for 25 years as an attorney. I see colleagues the same age as I am being laid off and replaced with much younger candidates for much lower pay. [...]

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The secret trick on how to ace the phone interview

Dear Readers More and more companies and recruiters are using phone interviews for initial candidate screening. They find it to be an effective and efficient strategy. This is now commonplace for positions ranging  from entry level to C-level executive. As such, it is imperative that you learn how to master the phone screening. The rules [...]

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3 success stories – how to survive the bad bosses

Dear Readers, My last article was about really bad bosses and how to cope with them. This time I want to share three success stories of clients who woke up to the reality of their wicked manager and pivoted wisely to a create a positive outcome. And they learned valuable  strategies; now a [...]

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6 Ways to Cope with a “Wicked Witch” Boss

Dear Coach Joan, How do I survive this horrible work situation? My new manager is disrespectful, ignores me, and has given my key responsibilities to members of his new team.  I feel like I'm invisible and unwanted. I know I need to get a new job but it is so difficult to just get up in the [...]

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3 Essential Topics to Consider Before Retirement

Dear Readers, Several clients, friends and family members are approaching retirement. When sharing the news, their eyes widen with delight, but beyond delight, I see mixed emotions. I sense tremendous excitement, plus a noticeable glimmer of apprehension.  It's similar to the look on people's face as they approach a roller coaster.  They [...]

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Career: Success stories often paved with obstacles

  Dear Readers, You may know that I split my work hours several ways. Some of my favorite hours are in 2nd and 3rd grade classrooms in Santa Rosa low income areas, where I design and deliver literacy and art programs. I try to empower, enliven and enlarge the scope of possibilities for the kids. [...]

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3 Ways to Make the Most of a Job Fair

Dear Readers, Calling on all Sonoma County job seekers.... This Thursday, May 4 is the Sonoma County Job Connections event. It runs from 4- 7 pm at the Graton Resort and Casino in Rohnert Park. The event is free. Visit pressdemocrat.com/sonomajobseekers to register or you can register on site. There will be nearly 50 [...]

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Anita Hill. She spoke truth to power. I wish I had.

Anita Hill and Coach Joan (Joan Tabb) meeting, 2017 Dear Readers, I had one of the most amazing experiences in my career last week. I had the opportunity to personally meet with Anita Hill for a private talk for about ten minutes when she was in San Francisco for a speaking engagement. [...]

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I have a new job – and I’m lost!

Dear Coach Joan, HELP! I'M LOST!  I am committed to my new  job and was told it would be a challenge. But without guidance and instruction I feel like I am blindfolded and headed for real trouble. The good news is that I've landed a very challenging new job with a [...]

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3 Steps to Your Ideal Career Niche

Dear Joan, I'm confused. I've had 4 jobs in the last 15 years and none of them seem right to me. I'm in my late 30s and I feel there must be a better way for me to spend my working hours. I have a bachelor's degree and always earned [...]

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