Career Impact from North Bay Fire Lingers On

Dear Coach Joan, The fire might have happened a full year ago, but it continues to impact my life and my work. Our family home burned down, we lost everything, and we're still dealing with the insurance company and builders, not sure we can even afford to rebuild. Living in [...]

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3 Tips for Recruiting Staff to Your Own New Business

Dear Coach Joan, I left the corporate world 3 years ago to run my own consultancy in the publishing world. I felt that with fifteen years of experience, half of that in management, and a good network of colleagues and clients I could go out on my own. I have [...]

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How to NOT get paranoid during the job search

Dear Coach Joan, Am I the only one getting paranoid during my job search? For the last three months I have sent out over 50 resumes and I have gotten no bites, no interviews. I am applying for jobs I am well qualified for. Should I assume that I have [...]

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Why accepting a job way below your skill level may lead to unexpected success

Dear Coach Joan, I've been really frustrated as my job search stretched out way too long.  So I've taken a contract job, but am bored out of my mind! I know it's better to be employed and have structure and income, but are there ways to make it a better [...]

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5 tips for networking at work

Dear Coach Joan, After two menial jobs after college, I have finally landed an entry level position at a large company and this should put me on the professional track. I was told to actively network to find new opportunities and make helpful professional connections. But I really don't know [...]

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New job is disappointing. Now what?

Dear Readers, If any of these scenarios sound familiar, you are not alone: * I was promised benefits after three months;  it is now four months later and my manager keeps giving excuses and postponing the sign up date. * I was told there would be very little travel, yet [...]

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Take lower level temp job during your job search?

Dear Joan, I earned my MBA six months ago and have yet to find the right job that will challenge me and allow me to use my new skills and knowledge. However, I  have been offered a 3-month contract position to do work that is in my area of finance, [...]

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Big changes at work. Now what?

News Flash: Your company has been bought, sold or merged, Will there be changes in the  leadership? How will the changes impact you? Will you still have a job? Will the work environment change? Will you have a new manager, new co-workers? What will it all mean? Change can be [...]

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Exercise your ‘confidence muscle’ for career success

Yes, confidence does make all the difference in the world, especially in the world of career development and management. And I don't mean false confidence and bravado. That is never attractive and never a winning stance, in any area of life. But I do mean the kind of confidence that [...]

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How to make the most of a new job

Dear Readers, Whether it's your first job fresh out of school, a new job mid-career, or the last position in your career, there are ripe opportunities for you when you are starting a new job. It's a new beginning and you don't  need not bring any negative baggage from your [...]

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